Islands Women’s Centre

The Islands Women’s Centre was first opened in February 2019, as a safe and welcoming space for self-identified women of all ages and their children to drop in, have a bit of a break, and enjoy some company.

We are open each Tuesday from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm at the Freeport Baptist Vestry. A free lunch is served, and there are always homemade treats, tea, and coffee .

There is also a “free store” area – help yourself to toiletries and feminine hygiene products.

We also organize a monthly Free Community Feast at the Freeport Fire Hall – just check the Community Calendar to see when or next meal will happen.

Intergenerational community building is also a priority for us, through skill sharing and knowledge sharing. We hope to be able to host skill share days where we invite elders in to teach younger people skills such as canning and sewing, while younger people can help elders with technology, for example. We recognize that younger people can learn from the experience and acquired wisdom of our elders and that, in turn, our younger women have gifts to offer elders. We hope that by helping connect women, that we will see more intergenerational friendships bloom outside of the Centre as well.

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Other Useful Resources:

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Juniper House

Juniper House 24 – hour crisis line : 1 (800) 266-4087 or phone 211 – for information on all government and community services

Sexual Assault Nurse Practitioner (SANE) 24 hr. crisis line: 1-833-577-SANE (7263)

24/7 Mental Health Crisis Line: 1-888-429-8167

Transport de Clare (subsidized rides to Digby & beyond) : 1-888-769-2477